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Learning to lead the future of faith today in 13 seminaries across the world.

This project-based course introduces students to the significant landscape shift in American Judaism and equips them with the skills and mindsets necessary to lead effectively within it. The broader arc of the course is based on the innovation cycle (Discover → Design → Deliver) and pulls from theory and skills used widely in the world of entrepreneurship. Students will build projects under the guidance of course facilitators and have an opportunity to receive funding and support to launch these projects at the end, either within existing organizations or outside of them. 

This course is for...

Seminary students in their last two years of study who have an idea for a project, but haven’t had the time, guidance, or external resources to develop it. They may not have told anybody about it yet, and are curious about how to develop their ideas into something more.

Students who are already in the early stages of a project and may have already received some funding and/or professional support for it. They have some early experiments in the project but are looking for community, further guidance, and additional skills to take their project to the next level.

What you'll learn


Tropical Leaves

"I believe this is a very valuable course for all clergy-in-training and I hope that it becomes a staple in more seminary programs.”

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"Of ALL the classes I've taken? THIS one really gets it!"

Woodland Path

“Through the Learning Through Innovation Entrepreneurship course, I had the opportunity to be inspired in a setting which encourages OUTSIDE of the box thinking.

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