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Marking a Key Life Moment? Find a Ritual Guide for your DIY Ritual

Our wisdom traditions carry powerful rituals, many of which speak to timeless human needs: processing grief, celebrating birth, or healing from sickness. But a growing number of us are identifying moments in our lives that go unmarked.

Start alum Cyd Weissman has been equipping Jews and fellow seekers with the resources to create and share Jewish rituals for over a decade at her startup, Ritualwell.

"A segment of our 25,000 unique visitors per month told us they wanted more. So we experimented with online spiritual learning and got a great response. These experiments led us to suspect that people were hungering for a closer connection with a rabbi, but had no access. So we posted Ritual Guide: an offering of online time with a rabbi to create a ritual marking a key life moment. Crickets. No takers."

At this point, Cyd accepted our offer to join Start, Glean Network's course in partnership with Columbia Business School for spiritual entrepreneurs to develop and launch a spiritual offering.

"With the support of Glean Network, we took a deeper dive into customer discovery. It confirmed initial thoughts -- that folks want to connect, but not around ritual. Now, equipped with a better understanding of real pains and gains, we’re reframing the offering."

We at Glean Network are incredibly lucky to have spent the past several months learning with Cyd and are excited to amplify the buzz around the launch of Ritual Guide!

"In less than one hour over Zoom, one of our Ritual Guides helped a customer create an original ritual marking the end of a bout with mental illness, drawing on traditions of including spices and blessings."

We encourage you to give Ritual Guide a try. Get started here.

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