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The Most Challenging Part of Entrepreneurship: Getting Started

Building something new in the face of uncertainty is hard. What helps spiritual entrepreneurs pursue their vision despite not having a clear path?

Ask any successful entrepreneur to tell you a story about their beginnings; they will indeed have some insights to offer about the hardship and reward of getting started. It takes courage, determination, confidence, and faithfulness to make the first move, and many will fail on their first try.

The good news is that entrepreneurship is an act of learning by doing, step-by-step. Once you have taken that first step, the second and third become far less daunting, and the momentum will build. There will be times when you're forced to make a pivot and adjust your plan, but you are still in motion, learning along the way, unearthing invaluable discoveries, and making wise responses at each turn.

Identifying & Following Your North Star

In any creative endeavor where your intention is to build or make something that's never existed before, you will need to have a plan. Where will you begin? What direction will you take? What tools and companions will assist you along the way? At what point will you know you're moving at too high or low of a velocity and pace? Your entrepreneurship journey needs a guiding north star and accompanying coordinates in order for you to feel like you're on the right track.

Harnessing the Essential Skills and Tools You may think you need all the bells and whistles of a business degree or the technical background to pull off an entrepreneurial endeavor. Still, most successful entrepreneurs will tell you that resourcefulness and some essential tools helped them get their first start. By harnessing your essentials, you're inviting collaborators, specialists, and people with even more diverse experiences to join you on the journey. Entrepreneurship requires you to be open to learning like a beginner vs. an expert at everything.

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