Daniel Pryfogle, Cofounder & CEO of Sympara

Daniel Pryfogle, Cofounder & CEO of Sympara

Awe and Entrepreneurship: Heschel and the New Thing

Journalist, author, and social entrepreneur Daniel Pryfogle joins us on Tuesday, August 25, at 12 pm.

“The beginning of awe is wonder, and the beginning of wisdom is awe,” wrote the rabbi and theologian Abraham Joshua Heschel. The beginning of entrepreneurship is also awe. There is a problem to solve, but what really evokes wonder is the reality that the materials are already available for the solution. Heschel follows the prophets who see “the new thing” arising from something already present. That perspective is one of reverence  — “to sense in small things the beginning of infinite significance,” as Heschel put it. This one-hour webinar will explore the richness and relevancy of Heschel’s teachings for entrepreneurs.

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Daniel Pryfogle is the co-founder and CEO of Sympara, a nonprofit venture in sacred/civic placemaking for the common good. He is the founder of the leadership and brand consultancy Signal Hill and founder of Senior Correspondent, the nation’s first media venture that amplifies the voices of older adults for the good of society. An ordained Baptist minister and theologian, Daniel is a graduate of the Berkeley School of Theology at the multifaith Graduate Theological Union.