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Rev. Wendy Miller Olapade

Rev. Wendy Miller Olapade

Following a career in marketing and sales, Rev. Wendy Miller Olapade found God and twelve-step-spirituality in church basements across the country. A few years later, The Holy Spirit called her to the Boston University School of Theology to prepare for ordained ministry. She was ordained by the United Church of Christ on Pentecost in 1996 and has since served Jesus – with aplomb – in a variety of roles. As both settled and Intentional Interim Pastor, Rev. Wendy has led congregations through times of significant transition while building community and stewardship, identifying and empowering new leaders, re-framing justice and witness ministries for mission, and experimenting with new forms of worship and sacred music.

Since 2013, Rev. Wendy has led Sanctuary United Church of Christ in Medford to become an emergent, post-modern faith community whose purpose is affecting deep spiritual transformation and spreading love and care. As Lead Pastor, Rev. Wendy has envisioned numerous new ways of ‘being the church’ such as ArtChurch, Faith and Film and a “Medford Cares” program. As Community-Connector-in-Chief, Rev. Wendy has inspired and led grassroots action such as SafeMedford; Medford’s Big Table, Big Ideas; and a city-wide micro-food pantry mission – taking Sanctuary-To-Go every chance she gets.

With a passion for creative and emerging worship, a heart for justice and extravagant welcome, and the provocative instincts of a prophet; Rev. Wendy brings holy joy, an evangelist’s spin, and a sense of celebration to all that she does. She is a fan of r&b and gospel music; loves art, theatre and film and is the proud mother of Alexander, age 26 and Aaron, age 20. Most importantly – she loves Jesus and is ever-so-grateful to be saved by grace.

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