Innovation and iteration for 21st century Christianity, Hatchery LA is an incubator for Spiritual Entrepreneurs identifying people, projects and passions that need support and networking.

Spencer Burke is the founding executive director of HatcheryLA. His career passion for Church Innovation spans 35 years. He’s had a front row seat with the Jesus people movement, as a teaching pastor in a mega church, with the emerging church disruption as creator of and now directing a Spiritual Entrepreneur Incubator in Southern California.  As a speaker and author you might find him at the Lean Start Up conference in San Francisco doing a workshop on “Lean Faith“ or in a local pulpit (because he’s also an ordained minister with the Christian Church, Disciples of Christ).  His desire is to help people discover their passion and develop a plan to create new spaces, projects and communities that are addressing the new needs of spiritual people and new questions about God in the 21st-century.