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Rabbi Ilan Glazer

Ilan is the Founder of Our Jewish Recovery, which exists to uplift the hearts and souls of everyone impacted by addiction in the Jewish community, and Co-Founder of the Our Love Continues facebook group, a dedicated space where Jewish parents who have experienced miscarriage, end of a wanted pregnancy, stillbirth, or death of a child can find meaning, resources, and community. Ilan and his wife Sherri helped start the group in response to the stillbirth of their son Shemaryah Zichri in January 2022. Ilan is working on Gam Ki Elech, an album of original melodies Shemaryah helped bring to the world, which will be recorded in October and released in January.

Ilan is the author of And God Created Recovery, speaks regularly about recovery, grief and mourning, prayer, and spirituality, and is a freelance recovery, spirituality, and transformation coach. Ilan, Sherri, and their precious furballs Annie Lev and Peretz Dov live in Baltimore.

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