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Rebecca Leeman

Rebecca is a problem solver, communicator, and organizer of communities. She specializes in workforce transformation and culture and is deeply passionate about helping Jewish organizations flourish. Currently, a Clal Associate, she is developing an offering centered around supporting Jewish employees at work, in the form of Employee Resource Groups. She hopes to build out this venture as part of the START program.

Rebecca has previously worked at PwC and Bridgewater in workforce consulting. She led strategic talent projects to improve the employee experience and elevate the quality of people insights on issues including hybrid work, retention of talent, and DEI. She started her career at IBM in a sales training program, deeply understanding client's needs to identify relevant tech products to sell. She is energized about applying these business skills to advance the Jewish spiritual community.

Rebecca has an Organizational Studies and Applied Statistics degree from the University of Michigan. She currently lives in Park Slope, Brooklyn with her husband, Maor.

Outside of work, she serves on the Nolita Minyan organizing team, a Jewish start-up synagogue in Brooklyn. She also can be found hosting board game nights with friends, taking barre classes, and enjoying long walks around Prospect Park.

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