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W. "Taft" Harris, Jr.


A native of Birmingham, Alabama, “6 Street in Fountain Heights”, W. "Taft" Harris, Jr., is still remembered as the oldest of “Johnnie Mae's boys”. He was the one with the thick glasses that grew up in the house next to “the ditch”. His mother often dramatically chastised “Wayne and Jonathan” with poems and quotes. This is how his life started and he would not change one thing. With these formative years behind him, he is a demanded clinician, author, lecturer and workshop facilitator.

Equipped with degrees in Biblical Studies, Practical Ministry, and Counseling Psychology from very traditional faith settings, “Taft” is a fourth generation ministry leader whose father, Wayne, Sr., taught him, “a burning must be accompanied by some learning or you will leave people yearning”. The past decade of theological reflections with people from around the globe led him to pursue studies that would challenge the core of his belief. With this in mind, he moved into the St. Louis area for the further study of Progressive Christianity at Eden Theological Seminary. This environment was much-needed for continued formation. He is also presently a graduate student at Newburgh Theological Seminary of Indiana. This year he celebrates his 35th year as a preacher, pastor and teacher.

He is also a veteran publisher and founding partner of Horizons Media Group consisting of Horizons Christian Family, La Voz Cristiana, Liberty Park Living, Sicard Hollow Neighbors and Distinct publications. He is also the author of three books “Highway Yellow”, “When Cracks Get in the Cement” and “You Got More Mouth than a Hound Dog Got A##”. He is also the host of the show “Seminary Plots: Theological Grounds for The Common Good”.

“Taft” is the proud father of three, "The Harris Crew"- Caleb Wayne a Pre-Med student at Xavier University, New Orléans, Zion Jonathan an active member of the United States Armed Forces and a very opinionated teenage daughter, Victory Rachel. His candid unscripted interactions with his children have made them social media favorites. Together they have developed scripts called “TIMS Family” (“This Is My Story”) featuring accurate retellings of their conversations, interesting questions and direct answers to a variety of subjects.

When not engaged in liberating theological discussions, blasting “neo-soul” tunes, dancing to “trap music”, cooking “soul food” or finding some social action to share, he enjoys snapping pictures of abandoned churches across the globe and traveling with his life partner Tony.

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