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Aishah Bashir

Aishah Bashir


Aishah Bashir has 20+ years working within community-based organizations and is passionate about justice & transformation. She has a gift for seeing the potential in people and helping them maximize that potential. She runs a  job placement program for poor and working-class people in Alameda County that helps families address systematic and internal barriers in their lives. 68% of its participants have moved from poverty to stability & self-sufficiency. She has extensive training around and has helped to organized numerous projects focused on the healing of Black people, mothers and Muslims in the Bay Area.

She holds a bachelor’s degree in Interdisciplinary Studies from the UC Berkeley and soon, a Masters of Divinity from Bayan Islamic Graduate school. A second generation Black American Muslim and mother to 3 beautiful children, in her spare time, she enjoys gardening, being outdoors and creating beautiful things.

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