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How can people and communities of faith lead in a world of explosive change?

On Monday, April 19, 1 pm ET we had a conversation with Changemaker Playbook author Henry F. De Sio, Jr., Forum for Theological Exploration President Stephen Lewis, and Glean Network Founding Director Elan Babchuck.

In his new book, Changemaker Playbook: The New Physics of Leadership in a World of Explosive Change, Henry De Sio introduces a new leadership framework for a world defined by change. Through the stories of changemakers across age and geography, as well as his own stories from serving in the Obama campaign and White House and working with the world’s largest network of changemakers at Ashoka, De Sio shows us how to equip ourselves for a world where everyone leads.

Watch the video with Henry and two faith sector leaders, Stephen Lewis and Rabbi Elan Babchuck, about what the principles in Changemaker Playbook mean for people and communities of faith.

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