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Advancing Racial Justice & Equity

We envision a world where whole human dignity, joy, healing, safety, and well-being are accessible and available for everyone. We are a network that brings ancient wisdom and tradition into intentional and direct conversation with the entrepreneurial skills of today. We do this to generate new rules, design new systems, and to create new norms, standards, and cultures where Black, Indigenous, communities of color and our most vulnerable groups are centered, prioritized, lifted up to thrive and lead. 

Practicing Radical Welcome

We need everyone to be a part of the whole movement towards human flourishing and thriving. We commit to serving and working alongside all Spiritual Entrepreneurs and communities regardless of their faith, spiritual identity, race, nationality, sexual orientation, ability, income and gender. 

Centering Whole Human Dignity

We believe collective liberation is made possible through our daily contemplations, actions, and practice. We commit to shaping and nurturing the cultures, norms, values and principles that center our whole human dignity, healing and belonging. 

Co-Creating Knowledge

We operate under the belief that knowledge is a by-product of our collaboration and coordination. We actively create spaces of meaningful, respectful, and care-full connection so we can more safely affirm, disagree, discuss, and reconcile our viewpoints to make knowledge together.

Redefining Entrepreneurship

We view the Spiritual Entrepreneur as a powerful agent of change in transforming businesses to work better, and more compassionately for all of us. We commit to redefining success and impact in our ventures by shifting our focus from the bottom line to the belonging and becoming of all people. 

Respecting Everyone as a Teacher

We respect and learn from all wisdom traditions. No matter if you are coming from many or no traditions at all, we believe everyone has wisdom to share and learn from. We privilege each of our lived experiences and histories as meaningful expertise in the mission to build a better, more just and loving world.

Working From the Edges

We know that to build something new means to take risks and be bold. We work within the liminal spaces and gray areas outside of the center of our comfort zones to push the boundaries of our thinking, our language, our practices, and to reach for possibilities that have not been tried before.


We commit to moving at a pace that respects, honors, and cares for our bodies, our energy, and the energies of the natural world. We align ourselves with principles of disability justice and allow our embodied experiences to guide us towards our future. We commit to honoring rest as a practice of faithful, spiritual abundance. 

What are the Glean Network guiding principles?

These guiding principles have been co-created over numerous conversations with Spiritual Entrepreneurs over the years, in an effort to more clearly define and drive our network's impact.

The Glean Network Guiding Principles are designed to be shared publicly for greater participation, commitment and accountability across the growing field of Spiritual Entrepreneurship. Bringing together a radically welcoming and diverse network of actors, builders, makers, weavers, entrepreneurs, clergy and lay-leaders to more directly and intentionally align ourselves with sacred values of racial justice, equity, inclusion, belonging, flourishing and justice for all bodies. 

These principles are a part of a living document and we consider them to be a foundation to continue building on.

How these principles were made

These Guiding Principles were created by the Glean Network Core Team in 2022 as part of a North Star/Theory of Change process, with inspiration and input from many of our partners and alumni within the Glean Network. 

We wish to acknowledge and offer our respect and gratitude to the following individuals and groups who inspired and influenced this work: 


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