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Coming soon in Spring 2023

All-new curriculum for multiple live cohorts


Self-guided courses to go at your own pace

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We're proudly celebrating our seventh year of supporting Spiritual Entrepreneurs with an all new upgrade to our most popular program.

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Our Call Is To Help You Answer Yours.

In the ever-shifting American religious landscape, the vast majority of philanthropic and venture dollars are directed towards sustaining legacy institutions, while entrepreneur-led startups are frequently an afterthought. START seeks to provide an ecosystem of support – the highest-level resources – to the faith-rooted spiritual entrepreneurs who are building new models of faith and hope in action.

START is an MBA-level certificate program that develops your skills as a Spiritual Entrepreneur and prepares you to imagine, design and launch a spiritual enterprise.  

What past program participants have said about START


START was unforgettable and life-changing. Spiritual Entrepreneurship and Innovation is necessary for the healing of the planet and Glean is holding a space to incubate brilliant ideas.

Greta, START Cohort 06


START connected me to a brilliant group of colleagues all passionate about using their talents to uplift the spirit.

Eliana, START Cohort 06


START helped me confidently launch my new venture. I not only found clarity and direction for my project, but I now feel part of a larger community of spiritual entrepreneurs who provide inspiration, mentorship, connection, and support.

Jonathan, START Cohort 06

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