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Now Accepting Applications for Cohort 09
April 9 - June 18
Tuesdays, 12-2pm EST on Zoom

START Live Cohorts

Learn and launch with others in an 11-week virtual learning experience.



A generative space for you to work on your venture.

In our START Live Cohorts you're invited to explore your ideas in a generative, accountable, and enthusiastically supportive container. The program is specifically designed to boost your learning and momentum, supported by faculty, coaches, and network alumni who believe in your work and want to see you thrive. 

Get Inspired

Rev. YaNi (START Cohort 04) connects with Rev. Rae Karim (START Cohort 05) to learn about her path to creating Good Grief Now!™, the power in the pivot, and the lessons gleaned in her experience of joining START

Move through each module with weekly support, feedback, and coaching



Envisioning Your Idea

Start by identifying and learning about the people you are serving.


Developing Your Business
or Mission Model

Learn about the nine elements of the business or mission model canvas


Getting to Know Your Customer Part I

Design your first customer journey map


Getting to Know Your Customer Part II

Unearth new insights about your people by conducting empathy interviews


Understanding Your Ecosystem

Explore the ecosystem of current offerings and determine where and how to best position your offering


Testing Your Offering

Build and test your first minimum viable product/offering and learn what works


Creating Your Branding &
Marketing Strategy

Hone the voice of your venture, and identify the channels to reach your people


Measuring What Matters

Get clear on what your impact will be and how you'll reach your goals and outcomes


Resourcing Your Venture

Identify your startup costs, revenue, and the sources to help sustain your venture for the long-term


Making Your Pitch

Craft a compelling story and invitation to share your vision with the world with confidence and passion

A Flipped Classroom Model


Glean Network administers programs on a self-determined sliding scale as a practice of equity and interdendence. We invite you to reflect and contribute what is accessible within your means. We also invite you to consider how your contributions can support us in creating wider access to those with fewer resources. 

Learn more about our pricing guidance & policies

$750/per individual
$700/per team member
$1499/per individual
$500/per individual
$450/per team member
$1299/per individual
$250/per individual
$200/per team member
$1099/per individual

START Cohort 09

April 9 - June 18, 2024
Tuesdays, 12-2 PM EST on Zoom

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