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How I Built This: Rae Karim and "Good Grief Now!™"

(Image Description: Photograph of Founder Rae Karim on the left, "Good Grief Now!™" Logo on the right in black, blue, and yellow text on white background)

How I Built This features inspiring interviews with Glean Network Alumna, exploring the victories, obstacles, challenges, and breakthroughs that characterize the Spiritual Entrepreneur's journey. This month, we are honored to feature Glean Network Alumni (START Cohort 5), and founder of "Good Grief Now!™", Rae Karim

What is "Good Grief Now!™"?

"Good Grief Now!™" is a 501c3 and full support organization that brings awareness to grief by way of grief coaching, workshops and trainings. We do this by walking alongside grievers to help them navigate their grief journey in healthy ways.

(Image Description: "Good Grief Now!™" Logo in black, blue, and yellow text on white background)

Tell us about the “Genesis Story” of "Good Grief Now!™". What were its origins? Why did you decide to build this? Why now?

GGN! started as a result of experiencing two deaths in a little over two weeks, pre-covid. I wanted to offer a safe judgment free space for people to explore their grief experiences and emotions. Fast forward 3 yrs. Covid hits. I'm in Hawaii, pastoring and see that there's a need for grief support. I enrolled in a program to receive my grief coaching certification and having been moving forward with support people in their various spaces of grief.

While we really do have good intentions with the way we support our loved ones and friends who experience loss and grief, sometimes we just don't get it right. In Lieu of Flowers: Some Dont's & Dos Of Grief Support offers simple suggestions on how to engage grief support in helpful ways.

(Image Description: "In lieu of flowers: some don'ts & dos of grief support by Rae Karim" in black text on blue background)

The book was created/written as a result of what did and didn't happen when my mother passed. I realize we as people don't fully know or understand how to effectively and efficiently support grievers. The book is a way to help us forge forward.

What has been the most rewarding experience of building "Good Grief Now!™" so far?

People having an understanding that grief is not linear...that it doesn't have to be overwhelming and we can grieve and still live, fully and joyfully.

What has been the most challenging experience of building "Good Grief Now!™" so far?

Seeing that people need the help, but aren't ready to move forward. Also bringing awareness to the fact that a grief is part of mental and emotional health

What were your intentions coming into the START cohort? How did your experience with START support you in your journey?

I wanted to learn more about the business side of entrepreneurship. Whew...START gave me language for pitching my work and helping me understand where grief support fit best. It also increased my confidence in knowing I am doing what I'm supposed to do.

What is one piece of advice you would give to anyone entering START, or taking some of the first steps with their start up?

Be open and okay with the pivot.

In your own words: How do you describe Spiritual Entrepreneurship?

Maintaining and uplifting my faith within by business ventures...allowing my faith to lead me in my business ventures

What is one piece of advice you would give to anyone considering entering the field of Spiritual Entrepreneurship/taking their faith-rooted values and developing a new business, project, or venture?

Start. Try. Do it. You never know until you try it.

Are there any resources/frameworks that particularly help you in your leadership role that you would like to share?

  • Prayer - is always in order

  • I write down and time stamp all of my ideas.

  • Conversation partners - talk things through with trusted people

What is one way Glean Network and its followers support you and your business/venture/project?

Share - the book, the links to online events, the work that I do.


Learn about START, our entrepreneurship course for faith-rooted leaders taught by Columbia Business School faculty. Deliver your vision into the world while building a sustainable business model to shepherd its growth — and yours.


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