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Learnings from our inaugural SPARK gathering

We convened 36 community leaders in New York who are committed to innovation and intrapreneurship within the synagogue communities they care deeply about. Our goal was to shift the reality of synagogue decline from a lens of scarce competition to one of abundant opportunity. 

Some highlights:

  • Rabbi and spiritual innovator Sara Luria (who built inclusive community mikveh network ImmerseNYC and Jewish home-based experiment Beloved) and Rabbi Matt Gewirtz (who serves Congregation B'nai Jeshurun and pioneers initiatives on human flourishing) inspired us with what is possible when we make that shift.

  • Dan Libenson described how we can tackle the complexity of innovating inside the institution by charting paths of non-linear innovation.

  • Rabbi Elan Babchuck illuminated the road ahead by sharing his wisdom on the Jobs to Be Done methodology -- as synagogue teams begin interview campaigns to discover the deeply-felt needs their customers have.

This dynamic group will reconvene in late April, continuing to build a foundational culture of innovation within their synagogues. Teams will later gathering during our one-of-a-kind two-day design sprint in June. Stay tuned!

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