Love the Problem, Not Your Solution

Updated: Jul 25, 2018

If you had told me a dozen years ago - when I was considering applying to rabbinical school - that not only would I be working outside the pulpit, but that one of my roles would be serving as faculty to teach entrepreneurs in a fellowship run by the United Church of Christ...well I’d have told you that becoming a Rabbi was exactly what I needed to do!

Having grown up in a lay-led Jewish community with no claim to a brick and mortar building, no paid staff, and no formal dues structure, I’d always been aware that Judaism isn’t fundamentally about the structures we’ve built around it (ie the delivery systems), but about the people we hope to serve, and the progress they want to make in their lives.

In this beautiful piece by my teacher, colleague, and friend Rev. Dr. Chris Davies, she offers insights into our conversations on Jobs To Be Done theory, and how it applies to our shared work of reimagining faith, together.

- Rabbi Elan Babchuck

Love the Problem, Not Your Solution           

Rev. Dr. Chris S Davies

Speaking to spiritual entrepreneurs, Rabbi Elan Babchuck asks, “Do you love the problem more than YOUR solution?”  He talks about how many people come with an idea polished and ready for funding, with a strategic plan and a business model and potential employees…. If only the money would come, this idea could change the world.  They are so connected to their idea, that they miss the conversations with the people who would be impacted by their work, the collaborators that are already in the field, and the progress that might be made thereafter.

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