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New Webinar: “Move Slow and Fix Things: A Multi-Faith Roundtable with Spiritual Entrepreneurs”

Thursday, April 7th, 2022 • 12 PM PST | 2 PM CST | 3 PM EST

Image Description: A graphic with bright orange background and accents of teal shares information about Glean Network's upcoming webinar titled, "Move Slow & Fix Things: A Multi-Faith Round Table with Spiritual Entrepreneurs" the graphic also shows four headshots of the speakers.

The field of Spiritual Entrepreneurship is in an exciting and emergent space, sitting at the intersections of spirituality, social impact, activism, and human-centered design. As the field continues to evolve, it is increasingly important to define precisely what it means to be a Spiritual Entrepreneur and the ethics of ministering through the enterprise model. What entails a spiritual entrepreneur in today’s world? How can spiritual entrepreneurs ensure and define ‘success’ in this field? Where do we even begin with our exploration in spiritual entrepreneurship?

Join Rev. Eugene Kim of New Wine Collective, Pastor Amy Butler of Invested Faith, and Dr. Patrick Duggan of the UCC Church Building & Loan Fund as they engage in a conversation about their journeys with spiritual entrepreneurship. This virtual event will be moderated by Rabbi Elan Babchuck, Founding Director of Glean Network.

About the Panelists


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