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Spotlight: Ariele Mortkowitz, SVIVAH

Ariele Mortkowitz, Founder of SVIVAH

The 2018-2019 START cohort kicked-off in-person in mid-November, convening 24 faith leaders from around the country in Providence, RI. Ariele Mortkowitz shares her reflections on her experience in the cohort so far, as well as some early successes!

"The START community has been a tremendous resource while working towards launching SVIVAH. I feel like I have a powerful, thoughtful, creative advisory board in my corner, invested completely in seeing SVIVAH succeed."

"SVIVAH just launched its first event last night — In the week prior, I had a one-on-one session with my faculty advisor, our online class session was perfectly timed to help me take a realistic look at my business model, and talking that lesson through with my breakout group gave me the confidence I needed to push the start button."

"SVIVAH’s first event packed the house. And I came home to three messages from others in my cohort rooting for me and asking how it went. SVIVAH is a new venture dedicated to an enhanced female Jewish communal experience. It’s different from every venture in my START cohort, and yet every single participant has something rich to offer me to help SVIVAH succeed."


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