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START Ventures Prepare to Take Off

Participants in START, our venture development program with Columbia Business School, have been hard at work. We convened the 24 faith leaders in November for learning, sharing, and venture development. Our entrepreneurs and the populations they seek to serve are already experiencing tremendous impact and transformation. We've highlighted the reflections and celebrations of some participants below, in their own words:


Liz Ross

"I hope to work with a cross-section of temples in large and small cities who are ready to reinvent temple affiliation for the next generation. Built on the concept of "Tikkun Olam", I hope to work with clergy and lay leaders at legacy organizations to assist them in unlocking their untapped resources, such as financial, real estate and people."

"My initial concept was based on a pilot I built three years ago but START has allowed me to take that idea and enhance the thinking and strategy to a replicable business model with much greater potential for impact.

When I began the START program in October my heart and passion was the driving force. Now, 3 months into the program, my work is more rooted in customer empathy and understanding the "problem" I am trying to solve from various view points. I feel that I now have a much deeper connection to project and a stronger sense of a accountability for the ultimate product."

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