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Welcoming Alan Harlam, Director of Spiritual Entrepreneurship

We at Clal are absolutely thrilled to welcome Alan Harlam as the Director of Spiritual Entrepreneurship, where he joins the “Glean Team” of Adele Anderson, Elan Babchuck, and Irwin Kula in building and supporting the Glean Incubator.

We’re in a moment of abundant opportunity for those spiritual entrepreneurs whose faith has inspired them to find value in spaces that others have overlooked. For them to access a world-class coach and humble leader with a 35-year track record of success is an opportunity that we believe will accelerate their individual and venture development, while simultaneously igniting the growth of this new field of spiritual entrepreneurship.

Alan comes to Clal with decades of experience in consulting, turnaround management, and supporting entrepreneurs. In 2007, he joined Brown University as the founding Director of Social Innovation where he developed an award-winning ecosystem of resources to support students who were developing and launching innovative social impact ventures. The Social Innovation Fellowship was widely recognized byAshokaU and other social entrepreneurship foundations as one of the most successful programs in higher education.

Two years ago, Alan began his journey toward this work at a workshop with Irwin Kula where he realized that his work teaching social entrepreneurship at Brown was an authentic expression of his deep-rooted Jewish values.  Since attending the workshop, Alan has developed a relationship with Clal as a participant in the year-long fellowship “Leaders Without Borders” and through ongoing discussions about the vision for Glean with Irwin and Elan.  We are so blessed that Alan leapt at the chance to join our growing team, and grateful for his passion and expertise in developing and supporting entrepreneurs, while simultaneously exploring his own spiritual and religious path.


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