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Javier Maldonado

Javier Maldonado


I grew up in Matamoros, Mexico. My family moved to Harlingen, Texas when I was seven. I’ve had the privilege to serve as Campus Ministry President, Local Church Youth Leader, Church Elder, Student Pastor, and Church Academy Educator.

I hold a BA in Fine Arts, a Masters of Divinity, and 4 Units of Clinical Pastoral Education. Currently, I serve our community as the Hospice Chaplain & Bereavement Coordinator for Christus Hospice Central Texas, the appointed Volunteer Hays County Commissioners Court Invocation Chaplain, and feel honored to have been invited to serve at our San Marcos Seventh-day Adventist Church as an Elder.

I enjoy playing with my five-year-old son Zechariah, engaging in ministry, fine arts, and reading. My hobbies are skateboarding and Nerf.

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