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Glean Alumus Dr. Kursat Ozenc: Reimagining Rituals for Work

We've learned an incredible amount from our teacher Dr. Kursat Ozenc about the power of ritual from our faith and cultural traditions and how to harness our creativity to re-imagine and re-invigorate them.

That's why we're so excited to pre-order Kursat's forthcoming book Rituals for Work: a playbook for individuals, teams, and organizations to bring 50 ways of getting intentional and deliberate about workplace culture.

He writes, "It addresses the challenges of creativity, community, flow, resilience, and transitions. While working on the book, we got the chance to talk to practitioners who are creating rituals for their organizations and researchers who are studying the psychology of rituals. The depth and breadth of ritual work energized us. We are hoping that this book will be both a practical handbook and a conversation starter for people who want to take charge and transform their workplaces."

We got to know Kursat during his time as a participant in START, where he developed Pop-Up Prayer. Check out the Ritual Design Lab, which he co-founded (and stay updated in the world of ritual design by signing up here for news from Kursat.)

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