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Glean's December Newsletter

A word of welcome to our newsletter, Gleanings.

The American religious landscape is churning. At a moment in which roughly 4,000-7,000 churches and synagogues close each year, there has been a promising upswell of emergent models of spiritual connection that has gone largely unnoticed, overshadowed by the headlines of decline. As these new models take shape and their leaders take courageous initiative, not only must we find ways to support their growth, but we must do so in ways that reflect the nature of today's changing landscape: unprecedented.

Our intention with this newsletter is to highlight, explore and amplify the inspiring work being done on the frontiers and margins of spiritual life: the inspiring spiritual entrepreneurs building startups, the visionary leaders reimagining legacy institutions, and the ways that the changing nature of faith impact all of us, every day.

We hope that this newsletter - like everything we do at Glean - is an invitation into relationship with us and our growing network of spiritual entrepreneurs and partners. You can always find up-to-date information at, share this newsletter with friends and colleagues who might be interested in engaging with our work, and contact us directly (info below).

In blessing and peace,

Rabbi Elan Babchuck, Rabbi Irwin Kula, Adele Anderson,

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