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How I Built This: Lizzy Case and Arrayed

(Image Description: Photograph of Founder Lizzy Case on the left, "Arrayed" Logo on the right in black text on white background)

How I Built This features inspiring interviews with Glean Network Alumna, exploring the victories, obstacles, challenges, and breakthroughs that characterize the Spiritual Entrepreneur's journey.

This month, we are honored to feature the founder of Arrayed, Lizzy Case

What is Arrayed?

Arrayed is a people-first, planet-focused Christian apparel brand with inclusive spiritual slogans. We create opportunities for people to wear good, do good, and feel good.

(Image: Arrayed)

Tell us about the “Genesis Story” of Arrayed. What were its origins? What inspired you to build this?

9 years ago, I learned to sew my own clothes as an act of self-care. Around the same time, the fashion industry experienced the largest industrial disaster in its history when an 8-story garment manufacturing building collapsed in Dhaka, Bangladesh, killing over 1,100 people with nearly 2,600 injured. This entirely preventable tragedy known as the Rana Plaza disaster launched a global movement for transparency and reform, and I found myself wanting to be part of the fight for basic human rights and environmental justice.

I began to wonder: How is it that I’m so disconnected from how my clothing is made, who is making it, and how do their experiences connect to my faith? What’s the real cost of my clothing, and who’s paying for it? How could I, as a Christian, be truly clothed in the righteousness of Christ if my actual clothing consumption and care contribute to the degradation of the earth and the oppression of marginalized communities?

Out of these questions and search for Christian apparel that reflected my values, Arrayed was born.

What has been the most rewarding experience of building Arrayed so far?

Seeing the way the products & designs resonate with people. It's so exciting!

(Image Description: A customer wearing a graphic T-shirt from Arrayed that reads, "Sow The Seeds Of Justice" )

What has been the most challenging experience of building Arrayed so far?

I learn something new every single day, and some days those lessons are hard. It can also be lonely building a business by yourself.

In your own words: How do you describe Spiritual Entrepreneurship?

To me, spiritual entrepreneurship is an act of faith that serves people and meet needs through tangible action.

What is one piece of advice you would give to anyone considering entering the field of Spiritual Entrepreneurship?

Keep your spirituality at the center of your business, even if the advice from the 'world' on how to be successful says something else. You're doing things differently for a reason. Keep doing it differently.

Are there any resources/frameworks that particularly help you in your leadership role that you would like to share?

I journal and meditate every morning as a way to ground myself for the day (it's 10 minutes, tops!).

If you are new to business, Guy Raz' book, "How I Built This" is a great place to learn the basics.

Finally, I've found it incredibly helpful to invest in a community of like-minded folks who are at different stages of their business journey. This lets me bounce ideas off them, ask about best-practices, and feel less alone in my daily work.

What is one way Glean Network and our community can support you and your business?

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