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New Webinar: "Telling Your Story: A Conversation with LGBTQ+ Spiritual Entrepreneurs"

Thursday, June 30th, 2022 • 12 PM PST | 2 PM CST | 3 PM EST

Image Description: A graphic with bright rainbow background and accents of teal shares information about Glean Network's upcoming webinar titled, "Telling Your Story: A Conversation with LGBTQ+ Spiritual Entrepreneurs on Creating Spaces of Radical Welcome & Belonging" the graphic also shows four photographs of the speakers

Innovation is often driven by necessity, which is why it is no surprise that some of the most creative, bold, and radical innovations emerge from the margins; from the people who are most impacted and therefore most insightful when it comes to creating change in their communities.

In recognition and in celebration of the LGBTQ+ community, especially, for this Pride Month, Glean Network proudly invites you to our upcoming webinar on Thursday, June 30th, where we will spotlight outstanding LGBTQ+ Spiritual Entrepreneurs, the bold strides they are taking in their work, and the profound impact of visibility, representation, and specificity in creating spaces of radical welcome, belonging and care.

Join Matt Kays-Diaz Toro of Ace Visions Consulting, Daryn DeZengotita of Table Coworking & Social Impact Spaces, and Andre G. Brown of A Soul Cleansing Project as they engage in a conversation about their journeys with queerness, with spirituality and creative entrepreneurship.

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