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Rabbi Elan Babchuck featured on Ritual App's Daily Blessings Collection

Practices led by Rabbi Elan Babchuck are featured in the Daily Blessings Collection of Ritual, a new app that offers an oasis of audio experiences designed to strengthen your well-being and nourish your spirit.

About Ritual App

Ritual co-founder Matt Bloom, Ph.D, had a relatable experience of professional burnout in his early career as a consultant. His happiness had dwindled, his motivation was low, and his purpose was nowhere to be found. Determined to heal, Matt devoted himself to studying wellbeing, to finding out what human beings need in order to thrive.

Ritual offers an oasis of audio experiences to strengthen your wellbeing and nourish your spirit.

The carefully curated practices are guided by compassionate leaders in self-care, faith, and culture. Ritual's app also guides listeners through a science-based process to help them understand their well-being and find the right path that works for them.

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