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Spiritual Entrepreneurship by example: Rev. Maurice Winley

The Glean team was blessed when Rev. Maurice Winley stepped into our world, teaching by example the grace, effectiveness, and passion of a spiritual entrepreneur. In the midst of facing time incarcerated as a young adult, Maurice dedicated his life to his faith, which he understood as a call to prevent other young men in Harlem from following his path.

"This work that we do is life-saving work." Through efforts with organizations ranging from correctional institutions to adolescent treatment facilities, Maurice draws on invaluable tools from his Christian tradition that deal with forgiveness, redemption, bravery, abundance, and self-worth to offer integrated healing to at-risk youth in Harlem. 

Maurice was granted a multi-year grant from New York's District Attorney to built and direct the Living Redemption Youth Opportunity Hub, an accessible one-stop resource center providing education assistance, mentorship, employment training, trauma and substance-abuse services, mental health counseling, and legal assistance. We learned alongside Maurice and his colleagues Rhokeisha Ford and Anthony Heyward as they built this outstanding spiritual venture.

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