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What's inspiring us

"This unbundling by the consumer, and the ensuing mash-ups that cross religious and spiritual boundaries, is becoming commonplace. The disaffected customer seeking spiritual nourishment is increasingly taking matters into their own hands, becoming curators and creators in the religious spheres as well becoming religious and spiritual DJs."


Watson Jones III: "I really wanted to engage people who Jesus would engage. Jesus was willing to be associated with prostitutes and tax collectors who you might equate to your average drug dealer because that’s how people felt about them at the time. People who were not part of a church. They sometimes are an afterthought."


Among those who attend no more than a few times a year, about three-in-ten say they do not go to religious services for a simple reason: They are not believers. But a much larger share stay away not because of a lack of faith, but for other reasons. This includes many people who say one very important reason they don’t regularly attend church is that they practice their faith in other ways.


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