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"Where do I Start?" by Rev. YaNi

Glean Network is grateful to have START Alumni, Rev. YaNi Davis, share her words of love, encouragement, and support for anyone considering their spiritual entrepreneurship journey.

Where do I Start? by Rev. YaNi Davis, START Cohort 04, Founder of My SupaNatural Life

So often, as people, we get stuck. Stuck in our thoughts, stuck in the process, stuck before we even get started. This is not a new phenomenon, In fact, stuckness has plagued the human condition for eons. Someone got stuck and invented the wheel, someone’s hand got stuck and…thus, the printing press. Someone couldn’t quite get a complete idea together… hence AI.

Okay, the AI example may be a little extreme, but all of these advancements speak to the power of forward movement and creating something out of nothing.

Often as people of faith, we wait for the exact moment when it’s revealed we should move forward. Sometimes we get stuck in cycles and loops of waiting and not activating that vision/dream that we’ve been given. We are waiting for the God of our understanding to say "GO," or we sit and wait for the most perfect sign to drop out of the sky.

Take a moment to assess how long you have been stuck with a powerful idea you know could change the world or at least the lives of some people in your community. How long have you been thinking a project might have the potential to make a major impact on a heart you know is in need of your work in the world? How long have you been dreaming up a plan of execution that has not gotten its due expression in this lifetime?

Stuck isn’t a bad thing…perhaps it means you are truly ready for what’s next!

Here’s where the START program comes in as a vehicle to get you from dreaming to living out your power and potential in the world. This course gives you the tools to envision, strategize and then embark upon the idea that has been stuck in your consciousness and heart for far too long. You bring the innovation-we provide proven step-by-step methods to amplify the work of leaders like you.

For our purposes, I truly appreciate this definition of innovation.



a new method, idea, product, etc.

We are ready for you to bring your new method, idea, product, or service to the START self-paced program starting NOW or join the cohort in a few months!

What you can expect:

  1. To actually START moving on that idea, project, or business

  2. To experience lessons and receive guidance from instructors out Columbia business school, entrepreneurs making moves in their industries, and also learn from faith-rooted leaders that have completed the program

  3. A space to bring your authentic self and give every aspect of your identity room to shine through your venture

  4. A reminder that you are the expert, and with some business knowledge to back you up-you can create anew every time the Spirit hits you

  5. Tools for your entrepreneurial journey that will last a lifetime

This is not an ad soliciting just anyone to come join the program. This is encouragement from a spiritual entrepreneur who was stuck in 2019 but the START program was the vehicle necessary to take my love for the disabled community out into the world.

If you are sitting with a vision but know you need a strategy to see your work manifest, it's time to schedule a call to see if this might be the best way to get unstuck and simply START!


Glean Network's START is an MBA-level program that develops your skills as a Spiritual Entrepreneur and prepares you to imagine, design and launch a spiritual enterprise. Learn More.


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