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Evan Joblin

Evan Joblin

Evan Joblin brings 20+ years of eclectic personal, professional, and educational experience to Yoga Otzma, a Jewishly-inspired yoga and mindfulness-oriented community for university-affiliated students.

Having earned his B.A. in English at the University of Southern California and an interdisciplinary Master’s degree (with a focus on creative writing and philosophy) at the University of Pennsylvania, Evan went on to study herbal medicine in Israel, complete yoga teacher trainings in both the United States and Kenya (with Africa Yoga Project), as well as teacher trainings in Five Element Dance and Breathwork modalities on a tropical Thai island.

Over the years, Evan has worked extensively in experiential Jewish educational settings, including four years on staff at Eden Village Camp and Eden Village West, and– in addition to running Yoga Otzma cohorts for university students in collaboration with Combined Jewish Philanthropies of Greater Boston, he has collaborated with Hillel professionals and student leaders to bring custom-designed, in-person and online yoga/ wellness programs to Boston University, Clark University, Emerson College, Harvard University, Northeastern University, and University of Pennsylvania.

In addition to his endeavors in the wellness realm, Evan is a working freelance artist and an avid world traveler. Having explored over 40 countries in the past several years, Evan has been preparing a large-scale painting and writing project based on his adventures. You can see his work in progress at

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