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Build a culture of experimentation, and adopt an innovative mindset during this one-of-a-kind 7-week cohort experience.

Many faith leaders can remember a moment of being "called," or achieving clarity around their work in the realm of religion, spirituality, faith, or service. Yet, the majority of labor in the world of faith is directed at sustaining, not thriving. The tools and practices that grew our religious institutions in the past weren't designed to meet the unprecedented challenges and tremendous opportunities ahead. The fastest-growing religious group in America is “Nones” - those claiming no religious affiliation, and disaffiliation from religious institutions continue to grow across all generations. Simultaneously, Americans report that they are seeking spiritual experiences at levels far exceeding previous generations. Less religious affiliation, yet far more spiritual yearning.

SHIFT is an intensive seven-week course for clergy, lay leaders, and others called into the work of faith. Walk away with 7 practices for fostering innovation in your community. Create bonds across bounds as you develop relationships with a multifaith cohort of colleagues who are walking alongside you on this journey. Reconnect with your purpose as a faith leader as you clarify and re-energize your call to serve. Set the stage for building a sustainable culture of innovation at your institution. Not only will you better understand the complex shifts in American religious practices, beliefs, attitudes, and identities, but you will adopt a mindset shift to embrace these changing realities as immense opportunities. In doing so, you will develop the tools needed to serve today’s constituents and build tomorrow’s spiritual life.

This course is for...

Clergy of faith institutions who are seeking to transform their institution, reflect on their purpose and mission, and reconnect with their call to serve.

Lay leaders of faith institutions who want to explore their leadership purpose and kickstart a culture of innovation in their institution.

Program Details

Shift: Bay Area is a transformative, practice-based, seven-week course for faith leaders that introduces practices and mindsets for a new framework of faith leadership built on innovative changemaking principles and ways of being in the world.


Shift: Bay Area explores innovative leadership of tradition-based faith communities in a time of profound and rapid change in the American religious landscape.  Participants will be invited to adopt a mindset of growth and possibility and to lead similar transformation in their own communities, through a series of reflections, practices and facilitated conversations. 


This course has been developed through a partnership between Glean Network and Ashoka. Participants will learn from dozens of leading practitioners through videos, podcasts, and readings, and will be guided through in-person workshops by Rev. Kathi McShane - Senior Pastor at Los Altos United Methodist Church and experienced changemaker through LAUMC’s recent partnership with Ashoka.


Wednesdays, Oct. 16 & 23, Tuesdays, Oct. 29 - Dec. 3, 2019 (excluding Thanksgiving); 1:00-3:00 pm PST 


Los Altos United Methodist Church, 655 Magdalena Ave, Los Altos

How much?

$299, with scholarships available on a first-come, first-served basis

Course Facilitator

Kathy McShane.jpg

Rev. Kathi McShane is Senior Pastor of Los Altos United Methodist Church, located on two campuses in the heart of Silicon Valley.  LAUMC is the largest United Methodist Church in California, and the founding congregation of The Changemaker Initiative, established in partnership with the social entrepreneurship organization Ashoka, which pairs the compassion of Jesus with the skills of innovation for the common good. 

Kathi attended seminary and entered the ministry after a first career as an attorney, specializing in business litigation.  She served for eight years as Vice President for Institutional Advancement at Pacific School of Religion, where she led a commission charged with re-thinking the strategic direction of theological education.  She believes that the leadership of religious institutions at this moment requires, most of all, the courage to take meaningful risks with the traditions we hold in our hands.

SHIFT: Bay Area had its first meeting on Wednesday, October 16. Meet our Fall 2019 cohort! 

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