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Dr. Emily Aronoff

Dr. Emily Aronoff is a renowned expert in designing innovative and engaging programs for Jewish communities. A songleader and curriculum designer, she utilizes research-based strategies to provide guidance and support to Jewish leaders in creating programs that attract and sustain intergenerational audiences. Dr. Aronoff's ultimate goal is to help cultivate vibrant Jewish identities and strengthen Jewish communities.

Dr. Aronoff holds a B.A. in Jewish Studies, an M.Ed. in Curriculum & Instruction, and an Ed.D. in Jewish Education. Before pursuing her research and consulting career, Dr. Aronoff began her journey as an early childhood teacher and musician known as "Miss Emily” and recorded five albums of Jewish children's music and worked as a music educator in South Florida Jewish schools.

Dr. Aronoff's professional and creative endeavors have been widely recognized by various organizations and publications. She currently resides in South Florida with her three young and inspirational children.

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