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Liz Hamill Howard

Liz is a palliative-trained chaplain, clinically educated in the Stanford and UCSF medical communities in California. The data that their interdisciplinary team members measured was based in the Emergency Department for vulnerable older adults. Her post graduate religious training was provided in what standardized Spiritual Health teams are calling, "indigenous" spiritual care, in my case, a Buddhist family lineage.

She is presently studying group process in Yvonne Agazarian's Systems Centered Training and Research Institute (SCTRI) where many ACPE chaplaincy educators also practice with other mental and medical health clinicians for professional development and lifelong education. SCTRI also has an organizational development aspect of which her budding project is called Spiritual Health Advocacy (SHAdv).

SHAdv’s aspiration with GLEAN Network’s venture program is to serve healthcare systems whose purpose is to reduce negative outcomes for patients/families’ spiritual health, especially those from historically stigmatized communities.

She has most recently served with Chagdud Khadro of the Chagdud Gonpa Foundation as an advisor to the Spiritual, Pastoral and Care Department (SPaRC) for the Bradford Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust (Summer 2023).

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