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Laura James

My background is varied, with a career trajectory that includes a stint in the corporate sector, active service in the United States Marine Corps, fulfilling work on non-profit boards, in administration and support, and 26+ years of professional experience and service in higher education administration.

Within the past four years, following layoffs at the college resulting from the onset of the pandemic, I decided to follow the leaning of the Holy Spirit and enroll in the Candler School of Theology to pursue the Masters of Divinity degree. I anticipate returning to Candler in the fall of this year (2024) following a hiatus from coursework this academic year to address a health concern.

My interests in education, leadership, and ministry, were better expressed and expanded over the past few years through participation in programs that integrate(d) a faith-based perspective with a commitment to effecting positive change in the world in the areas of peace-building, conflict transformation, and social justice.

This commitment includes work in the areas of: (1) contextual education work with American Pathways, (2) completion of the Ashoka Faith-based Changemakers training program, (3) diaconate training and ordination, (4) some coursework in movement chaplaincy, (5) a course in Training Conflict Transformation Trainers (TCTT) at the Buttry Center for Peace-building and Conflict Transformation, (6) classes through “Candler in Community” through the Candler Foundry, and (7) current courses in spiritual and biblical studies offered by the Trinity Church of Wall Street, to name a few of my enrichment and education activities.

My spirit tells me that my true purpose and most trying journey is only beginning. As such, To each of you: I am grateful for the part you play in God’s on-going revelations in my life. I give thanks for the gift of our presence and sharing in this sacred space: an invitation to create and critique together as we strive to fulfill the steps God both orders and ordains for our lives.

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