Rabbi Laurie Phillips

Profoundly impacted by her participation in the Brandeis Collegiate Institute in 1995, Rabbi Laurie Phillips set out on a path to intentionally cultivate her own spiritual journey. Becoming a rabbi was an ideal way to merge her passion for Judaism and education after earning a BA in education and special education, as well as an MA in Leadership in Teaching, Curriculum and Supervision. Laurie was ordained by HUC, Los Angeles, in 2003 and last year she completed the 3 year Rabbinic Leadership Training provided by the Shalom Hartman Institute. She is deeply committed to empowering women to reclaim mikveh through education and crafting individual experiences. Laurie is also a teacher of mindfulness and believes strongly that a regular practice involving silence and chanting can transform, nourish and heal. Laurie lives in Harlem with her husband Howard, step-son Adam, and their dog Daisy.

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