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Rev. Stephen Patten


a southern california-born photographer who enjoys illuminating the not-so-obvious. focusing on natural and human-adapted elements, he takes pleasure in examining objects from all angles and perspectives, capturing the unique form, structure, design, and color embodied in them. as a close observer of things-as-they-are, he is passionate in reminding us of the beauty in all things noticed and unnoticed... as an action painter, he encourages water and oil-based paints to remain uncooperative on canvas. somewhere in the midst of their chaotic struggle arises a peaceful coexistence. a splat-tear-rip-spill aggressive attack describes his painting style. a primitive act resulting in earthy, gritty pieces that develop in multiple layers over time... as well, he is a poet, who appreciates life as a series of connected moments; ever-changing, dynamic, and impermanent. poetry, as an at-this-moment snapshot of words, does not seek to freeze time, but to corner it for closer observation...he is a curious participant in a world driven by ideas, who chooses to place a comma where others may place a period, a mark of question rather than exclamation.

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