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Rev. Ruth Rinehart


Rev. Ruth Rinehart is a Unitarian Universalist minister focused on building beloved community for long-term healing and recovery from addictions. Founder of the emerging congregation, JUUST Living, Rev. Ruth believes in the healing nature of connection, person to person, real-time, face-to-face. Long-term healing and recovery from addiction is itself counter-cultural, resisting the materialist, consumerist culture we live in, too often driven by fear and division. Building beloved community is the work for our times.

Rev. Ruth is passionate about the covenantal nature of Unitarian Universalism, a religion with no creed. What holds us together is the deep and sacred promise to walk together in religious community. At the core of our covenant is Right Relationship, a commitment to increase our conflict competency, and stay in relationship even when the going gets tough.

Living in Golden, CO, with her husband Dave, Ruth enjoys their permaculture suburban food production, along with bees and chickens. Daughter Lora lives in Texas, and daughter Amelia is exploring the world at large.

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