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Bradley Caro Cook


Bradley Caro Cook, Ed.D.
Managing Director, Career Up Now
Bradley Caro Cook, Ed.D. was born in Atlanta Georgia, where he lived until moving to Israel in 2012. In 2015 Bradley moved back to the US. Bradley is where he is today due to his life-long perseverance as an underdog. Being an individual with disabilities, he was not expected to graduate from high school or college. Now with his doctorate in education, he serves as a bridge builder and Jewish innovator. He dedicates his life to repairing social and religious injustices in the world, building inclusive communities, serving those with disabilities, empowering and advancing those who are disconnected, underserved, or unjustly relegated to the fringes of normative society, and engaging individuals with the beauty of Jewish wisdom and community.

Bradley is the managing director and co-founder of Career Up Now, an organization incubated by University of Florida's Hillel, whose mission is to engage emerging professionals with Jewish life through their interests in career, unique experiences, and social good.

The innovation of this work is the intersection of career advancement and universal Jewish wisdom. He is pioneering what he terms “organic mentorships and soulful connections”.

Bradley is a graduate of Upstart, a Birthright Israel Fellow, Amplifier Giving Circle Fellow, Eli Talk Fellow, and co-founder of the City of Beverly Hills Entrepreneurship Incubator.

He is heavily involved with many organizations which are close to his heart: American Friends of Magen David Adam, JQ International, Peres Peace Center for Peace, OneTable, and contributes to the online publication eJewishPhilanthropy.

As global citizen Bradley has rendezvoused with the social and political leaders in 23 countries. He loves to sweat in hot yoga, meditate on mountaintops, and spend time with his wife Tanya.

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