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Rev. Dr. Que English


Named 1 of 25 most influential women in the Bronx, Rev. Dr. Que English continues to be a trailblazer for criminal justice reform, education reform, sex trafficking and domestic violence issues. In partnership with local NYPD and leading organizations in the Bronx, gun violence in her community declined by almost 50% from 2014 to 2015.

Rev. Que is the Founder/CEO of Not On My Watch Inc. Not On My Watch is an anti-trafficking, anti-domestic violence organization that provides education and training to combat these atrocities while connecting victims and survivors to needed resources.

In 2016, she launched the first pilot of the People’s Police Academy in New York City, an academy slated for citywide rollout with potential for national acceptance. The People’s Police Academy is a community-led academy to help public safety officers transition into the communities they serve through training and orientation done by community historians, experts in the field of racial literacy and socialization, cultural competency and more. This academy is not only the first in our city but is said to be the first in our nation.

In New York City, she has been involved in various campaigns and has advocated for various policy changes and implementation such as: the living wage campaign, paid sick leave campaign, “raise the age” campaign , “fair wages for fast food workers” campaign, “fair wages for airport workers,” campaign, “car wash workers” wage and safety campaign, the Trafficking Victims Protection Act (TVPA), End Child Sex Trafficking Act and others. Most notably, Rev. Que was one of three negotiators who solidified the multi-billion dollar historical community benefits agreement (CBA) on behalf of all New Yorkers for the Kingsbridge National Ice Center (KNIC), slated to be the largest ice center in the U.S. with a potential economic impact of $1.9 billion.

Her notable awards include the Bethune-Height Legacy Award by the National Council of Negro Women; The Senator Joseph Galiber Award awarded by Senator Ruth Hassell-Thompson; and The Sojourner Truth Award awarded by The National Association of Negro Business and Professional Women’s Club (Williamsbridge).

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