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LJ Boswell

LJ Boswell


LJ Boswell is a Quaker,
educator, interfaith chaplain, social justice activist and artist. As such, LJ nourishes curiosity and creativity
in order to help people process, heal and come alive.

LJ is a member of The Religious Society of Friends
(Quaker) and has earned both a Master’s in Education and a Master’s in Divinity.
Most recently LJ has completed a year residency as an interfaith hospital
chaplain and worked for three years in an interim ministry position at Friends
Meeting at Cambridge (MA). They also sculpt in clay whenever they can:

LJ is particularly focused on living and serving at the
intersection of spirituality and social justice. Currently living in Western MA,
they are excited to be launching a Spiritual Direction and Social Justice
Coaching practice. They are also working as an anti-racist educator and
activist with New England Quakers. Their brand new website is

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