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Raenisha Karim

Raenisha Karim


Rae Karim is a pastor, preacher, creative & entrepreneur. She pours lived experience into her work, effectively and powerfully filling her audience’s cup.

She has made history twice as the first woman and person of color to pastor a predominantly white church and a multicultural church. Her gift of words make her a dynamic writer who empowers anyone in her presence, transforming hearts, minds & lives. This gift has also allowed her to be an accomplished author and sought-after writer.

Her contributions to community refinement include being a two time keynote for the Legendary Ladies Ball in Indianapolis, founding Good Grief Now™, a grassroots organization that  promotes navigating grief in new ways, and Project Covered, a donation and distribution non-profit that supplies feminine hygiene products to girls and women. Rae is committed to ensuring all her work ignites courage on purpose for purpose.

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