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Greta Counts


Greta Counts

Coach Greta Counts

Greta Counts is a woman on a mission who has dedicated her life to helping people change. She has an absolute passion for developing people to their personal and professional greatness. She is a master builder of people with a clear vision for transforming lives through the arena of self-awareness. Her unique approach empowers others to live healthier, happier lives by living from the “inside out.”

Best described as a Catalyst for Change, Coach Greta has an incredible gift to get people to open up, discover their own power and embrace the Divine Intelligence within. Re-awakening others to their spiritual magnificence, she is a transformational speaker who offers coaching, training, workshops and consulting to individuals, businesses and spiritual communities.

Greta has a BBA with a concentration in Organizational Theory and Behavior from Georgia State University. She is licensed in metaphysics as Religious Science Practitioner with the Centers for Spiritual Living ® and Emerson Theological Institute. She is a certified Heal Your Life ® Workshop Facilitator and Life Coach. Most recently she is a Spiritual Leader with Unity Worldwide Ministries.

A proud mother of 30-year-old twin daughters, Greta enjoys waterfall hiking, roller-skating, salsa dancing, painting and photography.

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