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Jonathan Dunnemann


Jonathan Dunnemann

Jonathan was employed for twenty years as a bank officer in the financial services industry, he also worked for ten years in food services, residential administration and patient access services, all in healthcare related settings and he is generally viewed as an expert in the field of patient satisfaction. Jonathan is now retired, both he and his wife Wilda recently celebrated their forty-first wedding anniversary, and they live in a retirement community located in Lakewood, New Jersey. He enjoys spending as much time as he can studying Christian historical role models; Howard Thurman, Martin Luther King, Jr., Thomas Merton, John Main, Bede Griffiths, Wayne Teasdale, James H. Cone, and Thomas Keating.

After many years of lived experience, overcoming different personal struggle, deep regular reflection, and the sharpening of his servant leadership skills, Jonathan has become keenly focused on being an excellent Certified SQ21 Coach to middle school age male youth of color between the ages of 12 and 14, thereby also fulfilling his long held goal of birthing a non-profit company that introduces adolescent youth to useful material, practices and tools that will serve to deepen their overall awareness, strengthens their inner life, and shapes their character in meaningful and long-lasting ways, and with the overriding goal of not only benefiting the individual on their journey to becoming their 'ideal self', but their family and their local community as well.

In keeping with this, ‘N Good Company, Inc was founded in 2019. In May of 2020, the organization became a fully formed 501(c)(3) in the State of New Jersey with encouragement and support coming from Jonathan’s family, friends, and a number of his former mentors. Creation of the ‘N Good Company, Inc website was successfully completed in December 2020.

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