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Rabbi Bena KaneGraber


Rabbi Bena KaneGraber

Student Rabbi Sherree Beth Bena KaneGraber, also known as Erev Rav Bena KaneGraber, was affectionately given the title “Erev Rav” by her home-shul rabbi.

Bena is a full-time rabbinic student of the Academy for Jewish Religion in Yonkers, New York, pursuing rabbinic ordination and master’s degree. A Hebrew educator and private tutor for twenty-plus years, Bena also serves as a Jewish Chaplain (non-certified); pre-pandemic Bena served as Covering Rabbi and Cantor for several congregations in her area.

Having been introduced to the concept of Spiritual Entrepreneurship through participating in several CLAL/Glean Network programing opportunities, Bena is excited to explore the establishment and the growth potential of her Spiritual Entrepreneurship projects within the safe confines of the START Cohort.

Bena is blessed to be Eema to three wonderful children, Taylor Michael, Leah Marie, and Arianna Rose; and equally blessed to share a life and home in Washingtonville, New York with her supportive husband, William. When she is not studying, teaching, or offering chaplaincy, Bena is nurturing her gardens (indoor and outdoor), which also serve as her Sanctuary, providing nourishment for the soul; and bakes with love and intention—to nourish both body and soul!

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