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Rev. Leah Kabira


Rev. Leah Kabira

As a sixth-career-pastor, Rev. Leah Kabira (she/her) leverages experience from marketing consulting, Japanese-English translating, special needs advocacy, PTA parenthood, project management, and safety team leadership. Leah appreciates elegant spreadsheets and the sort of certitude one can grasp through logical quantitative analysis. At the same time, she believes that intellectual knowledge falls flat when confronted with divine mystery. Sometimes one just needs to say, “I don’t understand, but isn’t it amazing?”

At the University of Chicago, where she obtained her undergraduate degree in East Asian Languages and Civilizations, Leah learned to ask questions in order to uncover assumptions and points of view. At Chicago Theological Seminary, where she obtained her M.Div., she learned that one’s social location plays a critical role in both revealing and obscuring possibilities for a world where marginalization and injustice are no longer accepted, much less assumed.

Her new venture, Reclaiming Christ, aims to help people whose humanity and worth have been undermined by received Christian beliefs. Leah plans to provide a framework for deconstruction and reconstruction of beliefs, as well as ways to access and build communities of support.

On a personal level, Leah enjoys spending time with her family and playing her French horn.

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