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Learn to lead change within your community and within yourself in this 7-week course. 


Many faith leaders can remember a moment of being "called," or achieving clarity around their work in the realm of religion, spirituality, faith, or service. Yet, the majority of labor in the world of faith is directed at sustaining, not thriving. The tools and practices that grew our religious institutions in the past weren't designed to meet the unprecedented challenges and tremendous opportunities ahead. The fastest-growing religious group in America is “Nones” - those claiming no religious affiliation, and disaffiliation from religious institutions continues to grow across all generations. Simultaneously, Americans report that they are seeking spiritual experiences at levels far exceeding previous generations. Less religious affiliation, yet far more spiritual yearning.

Shift is an intensive seven-week course on Innovative Leadership for clergy, lay leaders, and others called into the work of faith. Walk away with 7 practices for fostering innovation in your community. Create bonds across bounds as you develop relationships with a multifaith cohort of colleagues who are walking alongside you on this journey. Reconnect with your purpose as a faith leader as you clarify and re-energize your call to serve. Set the stage for building a sustainable culture of innovation at your institution.


Not only will you better understand the complex shifts in American religious practices, beliefs, attitudes, and identities, but you will adopt a mindset shift to embrace these changing realities as immense opportunities. In doing so, you will develop the tools needed to serve today’s constituents and build tomorrow’s spiritual life.

Applications are currently closed. 

This course is for...

Clergy and lay leaders of religious institutions who are seeking to transform their institution, reflect on their purpose and mission, and kickstart a culture of innovation and experimentation to their communities.

Individuals from diverse sectors who are curious about America's changing relationship with religion and want to be introduced to innovation tools in the context of religion and spirituality.


Program Curriculum

Shift covers seven modules. You can expect to spend 2 hours weekly in a live, online classroom; 20-40 minutes reading and reflecting on course material on your own time, and time perusing our library of curated resources.


An Introduction to Living Systems

What has shifted in the world, and what has shifted in me? How might I work with it?


A Practice for Questioning Assumptions

What kind of leader am I? What kind of leader does my community need?


Leading Through Grief

What does leadership look like in times of societal grief? 


Emergence, Adaptation, and Traversing the Unknown

What is emergent change and how can I create space for it as a leader?


Shaping Change in our Institutions

How can my institution become more resilient when faced with change? 


The Gifts of Co-Creation: Collaboration and Team Building

What are the first steps to developing engaged creative teams? 


Charting a Path Forward

What will it take for my institution to come alive? 

Lead Faculty

Rabbi Elan Babchuck

I’m a rabbi and an entrepreneur and spend much of my time exploring the rich intersections between these two traditions, and the abundant possibilities therein. I'm committed to leaving behind a world that is more compassionate, connected, and just than the one I found, and - in pursuit of that commitment - I am the Founding Director of Glean Network, an incubator, and network for entrepreneurs who are building new models of faith in action, and Director of Innovation at Clal, a think-tank focused on the future of faith in America. I'm blessed to live and learn with my wife, Lizzie Pollock, and our three children, Micah, Nessa, and Ayla in Providence, RhodeIsland. I read broadly and voraciously, cook adventurously, and find sanctuary on the rock climbing walls of New England.

Rev. Dr. Chris Davies.jpg

Rev. Dr. Chris S. Davies

Rev. Dr. Chris S. Davies is a Connecticut, US native and a Cleveland transplant and a wandering Irish Rover at heart.  She loves faith deeply, and is committed to finding ways to continue to bring spiritual innovation into the world past this generation and into those to follow. 
Chris attended Smith College for her undergrad work and Andover Newton for both a Masters of Divinity and Doctor of Ministry.  Chris is a queer femme, an urban farmer and beekeeper, and a creative networker of communities.  She is passionate about justice and Jesus, and is the founder and curator of the Queer Clergy Trading Cards, a project bringing visibility to queer clergy, using humor and irreverence to help change the conversation highlighting the common awe (and absurdities) in faith work.  
Chris lives in Cleveland, OH, where she is grounded in community and continuing to learn in faith and live justly, serving God in all things.  She serves on the National Staff of the United Church of Christ.


Our Commitment to You

An online classroom where participants are co-creators of the learning container 

Peer-to-peer learning with a spiritually diverse cohort of colleagues

Engaging and timely materials to inspire self-reflection and institutional change

Access to Glean's vast multi-faith network of leaders and practitioners  

Your Commitment to Shift

Time: This is a rigorous course with a condensed timeline and ambitious learning outcomes. As such, we invite participants to carve out 3-4 hours per week to commit to Shift, including webinars, group work, and assignments.

Talent: The process of “shifting” is not limited to our intellect, our actions, or our faith. It’s a process of integrating all levels of each participant and journeying through the materials and experience. As such, we ask you to bring your all to this course - your whole, wonderful, sacred self.

Treasure: $299. At Glean we are committed to ensuring that anybody who is ready to learn and grow with us will have a seat at the table. As has always been our policy, applying for scholarships is need-blind and confidential.

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